Probably the simplest way to think of E-learning authoring tools is that they are software or applications designed for people who need to create online educational or training courses.

There are different types of tools from web-based or installed screen recorders and PowerPoint plug-ins to full-featured eLearning authoring tools. People often use one or more eLearning authoring tools to create an e-learning content. Most solution suppliers offer free trials usually from 15 to 30 days so that you can understand which ones work best for them.

Many programs can be considered authoring tools, including Flash, and PowerPoint. E-Learning authoring tools allow you to publish the finished product in various different formats. Of course, the most common formats are SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can. These are e-learning standards that allow the e-learning course created with an authoring tool to be imported into a learning management system (LMS) and work correctly.

E-learning Authoring Tool is perfect for?

From trainers to educational organization, business, government agencies, e-learning authoring tool may really works for their training purpose. There are some main benefits they can get.

Staff Training

E-learning authoring tool can be used for creating online training programs. You can get administrative controls and intelligent stats.

Educational Courses

You can create as well as deliver e-courses & online assessments. These tools give automated grading & training certification.

E-Learning Content

E-learning Authoring tools help you create e-learning courses that can be accessed anytime, anywhere with full compatibility features.

How much do e-learning Authoring tool cost?

Some people think that “If it is on a computer, well, then it should be costly”. But actually e-learning authoring tool is cost effective.

The price varies from product to product, very little from 99$ with single purpose tool to full-featured tool from 1000-2000 $.

If you are newbie in online training fields, you don’t know how to choose the tool with highest benefit, we will give you some suggestions. You should download free trial on the website and checking out the product before you buy it. Take notice to their policy about after sale service and whether you have to pay more to update new version or not.

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