GotIt! – Application by Vietnamese startup on the top 2 App Store in USA

GotIt – an on demand tutoring platform owned by Dr. Tran Viet Hung successfully got 9 million $ fundraising in Silicon Valley, USA. This Apple application seems to be the hottest Vietnamese start-up these days. After 2 years officially launched in App Store, GotIt used to be on the top 2 most downloaded application after iTunes U in American education section.

GotIt! has innovated a fundamentally new unit of learning: an instantly available, 10 minute chat around a photo problem. GotIt connects the student to the expert in dealing with Math and Science problems. Whenever they have a schoolwork problem, snap a photo, post to GotIt! Within few seconds, GotIT connects them with an expert providing solutions and explanation for 10 minutes. The students have credits for asking some questions free, after that using it up, GotIt will charge small fee which is much cheaper than traditional tutor. In the future, Mr Hung desire to build an on-demand platform which can solve all questions in all areas of life such as technology, travel, healthcare,…

Now, GotIt has developed in USA and Europe with the team of experts all around the world. In Vietnam, 10,000 experts are being recruited. Amazingly, all the engineers responsible for product development are from Vietnam!

Now, the question is if the mobile application as GotIt can solve all the learning issues, do we still need LMS or other learning portal? We may discuss and find the ansers in the next blog post!

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