Explore unique features applicable to STEM/STEAM on Avina


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) plays a crucial role in developing the skills and knowledge of future generations. Avina Authoring Tool is an advanced digital software that integrates useful features to support the STEM learning process. Below are some of the outstanding features that Avina Authoring Tool offers to explore the academic world creatively.


1. Interactive lectures


Avina Authoring Tool not only offers advanced features but also fosters interaction through lectures. This creates a dynamic learning environment where learners can engage with teachers directly. These lessons help students better understand science, technology, and math concepts through concrete examples and real-world applications.




2. Document library


Avina Authoring Tool offers a rich library of STEM-related learning materials and lectures, which teachers can easily search and access to improve their STEM knowledge and convey it to their students. Avina is designed to streamline content development, offering pre-programmed templates and themes to save time. It is a valuable resource for educators, trainers, and learners looking to explore new ways of sharing knowledge and building skills.


3. Virtual laboratory


Avina Authoring Tool provides a virtual laboratory environment that enables learners to conduct scientific experiments safely and effectively. The software offers realistic simulations that allow learners to perform experiments without using expensive equipment. This helps them better understand scientific and engineering principles without having to be in a laboratory.



4. Tests and reviews


Avina Authoring Tool offers a comprehensive set of features to assess and enhance the effectiveness of STEM learning. Students can evaluate their knowledge and track their progress through tests and automatic score updates via email. This not only supports STEM education but also cultivates a positive and engaging learning environment for students. The tool not only facilitates effective knowledge acquisition but also encourages the development of skills and logical thinking in the STEM field, better preparing students for the future and fostering a keen interest in science and technology


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