In this article, we will provide insights into how to design interactive e-learning courses. Designing e-learning courses with high interactivity enhances engagement in the learning process. The psychology of learners evolves over time, and to keep them invested in the course, the content must be captivating. This is commonly referred to as the "Flow State," a prevalent learning trend today.


1. Flow State in Learning


The concept of the "flow state" in learning has been extensively studied over time. Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, a renowned psychologist, was the first to introduce the "flow theory," emphasizing its importance in online learning. When learners are in a state of flow, their focus and efforts contribute to peak learning performance. Although achieving an excellent learning outcome is possible in the flow state, not all learners maintain constant concentration throughout the learning process.


How can we help learners stay in a state of flow during online learning? Designing E-learning lectures with interactive elements is crucial to enhancing learners' interest and curiosity about the course content. If the learning material is overly complex, learners may become discouraged and lack the perseverance to complete the entire course. On the other hand, overly simplistic lectures can lead to boredom. Therefore, a balance between complexity and simplicity is necessary in lecture design. A well-crafted E-learning lecture captures learners' curiosity, maintains their interest, and ensures high engagement levels throughout the course.


2. Fluctuation Periods


Every learner experiences fluctuations in their focus during the learning process. The level of interest from learners toward a direct course has its ebbs and flows.


This diagram illustrates the variations in the interest levels of individuals across different topics over time. There are four main stages in the learning state:


  • Initial Stage (A): At this point, learners are interested in the course topics, even if the learning is mandatory, and they still find it intriguing at the beginning.

  • Boom Stage (B): After sparking interest, courses will have outstanding features that make learners want to participate actively. This period sees learners investing a lot of time and effort into learning. Finding an E-learning course with creative content will immediately prompt them to enroll.

  • Break Stage (C, D, F): After a concentrated period of effort in learning, learners will reach a state with less enthusiasm, feeling a sense of boredom if the E-learning lecture fails to maintain their interest.

  • Peak Stage (G): For E-learning lectures with innovation and freshness, they will captivate learners and keep them engaged. After a break, learners will be brought to a state of intense learning. They want to conquer the E-learning lectures and excel in their studies.


To achieve this, Avina Authoring Tools will support you in easily designing creative and interactive E-learning lectures. The standout features in AVINA, such as interactive questions, empower users to create a more engaging learning experience, stimulating learners' comprehension more effectively than traditional lectures.


Interactive Questions:

Allow users to freely create diverse questions, enhancing the interaction between learners and the lecture. This stimulates the viewer's ability to absorb knowledge more effectively compared to traditional lectures.


Mind Map Feature:

AVINA provides a mind map feature, offering a treasure trove of diagram types that allow users the freedom to create diverse, personalized diagrams, making content transmission easier. Neat and captivating images increase the viewer's interest during the learning process, achieving excellent results for the lecture.



In AVINA, there are intelligent utilities supporting users in designing E-learning lectures, such as mathematical symbols and chemical notations. These features make it easy for users to compose content with just a click, eliminating the need to painstakingly search for individual symbols to piece together.


Creating interaction in E-learning lecture design will no longer be challenging when you know about AVINA; all your concerns will be supported by AVINA. Designing fresh, modern lectures will spark the enthusiasm and interest of learners in the lecture.