1. Purpose and Scope of Information Collection:

The primary data collected on the system includes: email, phone number, username, login password, and customer address (member). These are the required information that Avina Solutions requests members to provide when registering to use the services and for Avina Solutions to contact and confirm when customers register to use the services on the website to ensure consumer rights.

During the payment transaction on, Avina Solutions only retains detailed data about the member's paid orders, and the data about the member's bank account will not be stored.

Avina Solutions will also use both member's personal identification data and some non-personal identification data (such as cookies, IP address, browser type, total number of visits, etc.) to enhance Avina Solutions' responsiveness regarding the Website and Services, as well as developing new features, functionalities, and services based on evolving trends and interests.

Each member will be responsible for the security and maintenance of all service usage activities under their username, password, and email. In addition, members are responsible for promptly notifying the Avina Solutions website management department of any unauthorized, abusive, security-violating use, and retention of third-party usernames, and passwords for appropriate resolution measures.

2. Usage data: System uses members’ data to:

Provide services to users.

Send notifications about data exchange activities between members and Avina Solutions.

Prevent destructive activities on the member accounts or impersonation of users.

Communicate and resolve issues with users in special cases.

Not use user personal data for purposes other than confirmation and relevant contact regarding transactions on the website.

In case there is a legal requirement: Avina Solutions is responsible for cooperating in providing member personal data when requested by legal authorities, including: the Prosecutor's Office, Courts, and law enforcement agencies related to any legal violations committed by customers. Additionally, no one has the right to infringe on the personal information of members.

3. Data Retention Period:

The user's personal data will be stored until a cancellation request is made or until the user logs in and initiates cancellation. In all cases, the user's personal data will be securely stored on Avina Solutions' servers.

4. Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data:

Users have the right to independently check, update, adjust, or cancel their personal data by logging into their accounts and editing personal data or requesting Avina Solutions to do so.

Users have the right to file a complaint about the disclosure of personal data to third parties if it is due to an error on the part of Avina Solutions' Administration. Upon receiving such feedback, Avina Solutions will verify the information, take responsibility for explaining the reasons, and guide users on how to restore and secure their information.

5. Personal Information Security Commitment:

The personal information of members on the website is guaranteed to be absolutely secure according to Avina Solutions' personal information security policy. The collection and use of information for each member are only carried out with the consent of the respective customer, except in cases where other legal regulations apply.

No usage, transfer, provision, or disclosure to any third party of a member's personal information is permitted without explicit consent from the member.

In case the information server is attacked by a hacker resulting in personal data loss, Avina Solutions will be responsible for reporting the incident to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notification. for members to know.

The utmost security is applied to all online transaction information of members, including digitized invoice and accounting document information, within the secure Level 1 data center of Avina Solutions.

The Avina Solutions website management team requires individuals registering/purchasing courses as members to provide comprehensive personal information such as full name, contact address, email, ID number, phone number, account number, credit card number, etc., and take responsibility for the legal validity of this information. The website management team is not liable for and will not address any complaints related to the rights of members if it is determined that all the personal information provided by the member during initial registration is inaccurate.