I may consider mindmap as innovation in education field. It changes the way students take notes, improve their memory and prioritize information. For me, using mindmap can improve creativity in both study and work.

Traditionally, before getting used to mindmap, when you have to study, you make notes in a linear, list style by making lines and lines of information. You may find ideas written in this style hare to read and remember and you don’t want to review your notes. Your creativity is not excited by these monochrome lines of text. However, Amindmap is visual map of your ideas, simply take the central subject and develop the ideas around this point.

How mindmap improves creativity?

AMindmap appeals to your senses with their visual elements – images, branch colours and curved branches all add emphasis and ensure that you will remember your notes!

By making mindmap, you generate idea quickly. Your brain actively makes links between ideas, adds connections, puts thoughts in order and generates further creative ideas. You will find your ideas simply flow onto the page. Mindmapping can make your study more enjoyable and more fun! In teamwork, when you have to brainstorm ideas, mindmap will be an effective tool. It can help you get more original creative ideas and information down a lot faster.

Using Amindmap in Avina Authoring Tool

Avina Authoring Tool is full-featured tool. For me, Amindmap is the most effective function. It is very easy to use. To add a Mindmap page, from Menu  Insert and choose AMindmap. A new Mindmap page will be added to your lecture with default Center Image. Each branch can be designed with many themes, colors, pictures, and flexible arrangements. Image and Icon Libraries – give your notes quick visual emphasis with a vast array of images and symbols, designed to help you comprehend messages easily.

And now, let’s create some branches to develop your ideal.

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