Storytelling: The art of storytelling in E-Learning lectures


Storytelling - one of the most effective ways to inspire, motivate and inspire. helps connect learners with the lecture. This form is It is widely used in the field of education and training. They also help Avina understand how Storytelling works and how Storytelling works. how to motivate learners to act like this.


Roleò Storytelling in learning 


We all know that in learning to tell stories, basic form and effective to convey knowledge content to learners. Building a compelling story is important. You will persuade learners to change their actions, and the learning attitude will become more focused and focused. listen to the lecturer more. In short, bringing Storytelling into the classroom is The best way to inspire action in learners No matter what century.


Nowadays, there is a new transformation in the field of education. Education and training are developing the use of Storytelling in e-Learning classrooms. very necessary.


Whatì How can Storytelling inspire learners?


According to research by educational experts, stories will stimulate children's activities. of learners, from eó they will increase their ability to think logically and Develop an emotional connection with the teacher. In a research panel to save the day, indicate có up to 63% of learners có can remember information better through sentences, while có 5% of learners remember the content of knowledge learned through traditional learning methods.


Including engaging stories in the classroom will help activate many areas of the department by drawing learners in. story, allowing them to get lost in the imaginary garden while thinking about the details in the story. Humans are emotional creatures, they are easily moved It's often easier to grasp information through a story. Feeling sad Part of the direct impact on learners, the trainer takes advantage of it to bring a story into the classroom and; Designing an attractive lecture hall will be successful in connecting learners emotionally with the lecture room and promote their learning spirit.


In sensitive topics, notó The trainer's use of Storytelling to convey knowledge content will be; An effective tool to make content accessible to learners more easily. Through reflecting on reality in stories, learners will understand the meaning; content management of academic studies. In addition, with content that is complex and abstract, Using Storytelling to communicate will also help learners easily receive information and understand it. Achieve good learning results through vivid characters and images built into the story


Nevertheless, trainers need to create good, engaging stories. Dó là lý because you will need to use Avina software to create the final Storytelling e-Learning


Create a form with a table ;i lecture e-Learning có Storytelling inspires


Each story included in an e-Learning lecture must be thoroughly completed from content to images. The characters, images, and sounds created in the story need to be present. connection with learners. Let learners có You can feel like you're inside. The variety in the story's content will make the story more attractive, stimulating excitement. andà increase the ability of learners to attract more attention to the lecture.


Bringing stories into the classroom e-Learning to teach requires designing a classroom that must have; Creative thinking, drawing from images, and telling stories. Avina will support you in bringing Storytelling into your e-Learning lecture design in an effective and unique way thanks to outstanding features such as audio control , videos, images, various scene motion effects.




Avian software allows users to freely edit sounds, images, and videos to create unique story scenes that help Their sermons carry a strong character. Recognized by easy-to-operate features, allowing users to freely create their own creations. Think of a lecture board to build an e-Learning Storytelling board. Avina will work with you to design a Storytelling e-Learning course that will help learners increase their ability to enjoy reading. andà concentration, learners also increase their ability to absorb knowledge and increase their ability to absorb knowledge. Memorizing content knowledge is better through stories in lecture


Tell this story; one of the most effective ways to facilitate a learner connection to content, raising the bar; learning program and memory ability. Therefore, leveraging the power of Storytelling in e-Learning có can prove that an effective strategy to engage learners and Increase the ability to absorb knowledge in e-Learning lectures