Avina Authoring Tool is a professional online lecture creation software, a powerful and independent editing tool that gathers all the necessary features, meeting the requirements of all users, from beginners to seasoned technology experts.
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Key features Avina Authoring Tool

Compatible with Power Point

Add and choose
sounds, videos



Exporting lecture

User-friendly and familiar Interface

Creating lecture videos

Avina fully integrates features for inserting and editing audio, images, video,... that make it easy for users to create attractive presentations.

Interesting interactions

Improve learning efficiency with Avina's interactive question system, including graded questions, survey questions, etc.

Create minigames

A wide variety of interactive games, including treasure hunts, obstacle courses, and gold mining, etc. not only help synthesize knowledge, but also to facilitate the development of interesting and engaging learning experiences.

Exporting in SCORM format

Avina supports publishing diverse lectures, especially in SCORM format, ensuring easy presentation and sharing across many different audiences.

Sample lectures